Volume 14, Number 3

Blockchain Security : Enhanced Control Evaluation Approach to Protect Organizations’ Accounting Information


Angel R. Otero, Florida Institute of Technology, USA


Blockchain technology can revolutionize transaction processing and reimage organizations’ traditional business practices. The literature argues that blockchain may also hurt organizations when key controls necessary to guide its implementation are not in place. The literature points to inadequacies in blockchain implementations, particularly related to the effective selection and implementation of blockchain controls in organizations. This research develops an approach that addresses the weaknesses in the literature. Such approach will allow organizations to be more precise in their implementation of controls to achieve successful blockchain implementation. The proposed approach uses fuzzy set theory to prioritize business controls more precisely in organizations. It is argued that fuzzy set theory allows for a more accurate assessment of imprecise criteria than traditional assessment methodologies, and therefore generates more accurate assessments critical for decision-making. Through a case, the developed approach proved successful in providing accurate implementation of controls to protect organizations’ accounting information.


Internal Controls, accounting, blockchain, Fuzzy Set Theory, assessment.