Volume 14, Number 3

Context-Aware Security Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing


Cláudio Aroucha and Higo Felipe Pires, Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil


The use of mobile devices is common among people and something essential these days. These devices have limited resources which makes it critical to provide security without compromising user ergonomics, given the large number of cyberattacks that occur. This work proposes a context-aware security mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing providing a security level of device data privacy from the analysis of the attributes of the network that is connected, available level of RAM, CPU, and battery at the time of communication. of data with the cloud. In addition, Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology is used to create a secure channel for sending data between the client and the server and implement the analysis of the mobile device context using Fuzzy logic. The impact of the proposed mechanism on mobile device performance was measured through stress tests. The proposed mechanism had a superior performance of 38% in the number of executions, 10% of memory, and 0.6% of CPU about the use of a single type of predefined symmetric algorithm for private network environment.


Cloud Computing, Context-aware Computing, Network Security, Mobile Computing.