Volume 15, Number 1

Analyzing Network Performance Parameters using Wireshark


Ruchi Tuli, Jubail Industrial College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Network performance can be a prime concern for network administrators. The performance of the network depends on many factors. Some of the issues faced in the network performance are - Slow Internet, Bottlenecks, Loss of packets and/or retransmissions, and Excessive bandwidth consumption. For troubleshooting a network, an in-depth understanding of network protocols is required. The main objective of this research is to analyze the performance and various other parameters related to the integrity of a network in a home-based network environment using Wireshark. Network traffic is captured for different devices. The captured traffic is then analysed using Wireshark’s basic statistical tools and advanced tools for various performance parameters.


Network traffic, sniffing, TCP, Wireshark, packet analyzer.