Volume 15, Number 1

Optimizing Congestion Control by using Devices Authentication in Software-Defined Networks


Tamer Barakat, Hanan Eljawhri, Mohamed Merzban and Mahmoud Elbayoumi, Fayoum University, Egypt


The Internet and local networks (LAN) are essential in all organizations and aspects of our lives. These networks' performance should be at high speeds to perform efficiently. This thesis suggests several motions to improve performance. The first is a software-defined network (SDN) distinguished from traditional networks by its ability to program traffic, agility, and support for applications that need big data and virtualization. The second is to control congestion by rerouting traffic to the shortest path. Finally, to modify the above, device authentication reduces congestion and improves network performance.


Congestion Control, Devices Authentication, Rerouting, Shortest Path, Software-Defined Networks.