Volume 10, Number 1

A Reliable and an Efficient Web Testing System


Kamran Ali and Xia Xiaoling, Donghua University, China


To improve the reliability and efficiency of Web Software, the Testing Team should be creative and innovative, the experience and intuition of Tester also matters a lot. And most often the destructive nature of Tester brings reliable software to the user. Actually, Testing is the responsibility of everybody who is involved in the Project. But, one’s personal curiosity and attention is more important than the various techniques and tools available in the market for Web Testing due to the phenomena that Software Testing is an art. In this study, we are actually discussing certain techniques and tools which can be helpful to minimize bugs in Web Application and achieve reliability and efficiency to a certain level. Indeed, for bettering the quality of Web Application, Testing may not be considered as the only effective method because no one can certify that a system is bug-free. This paper presents some essential web testing techniques, strategies, methods and tools which need to be focused on when performing Web Testing for several web applications in order to achieve better results.


Web Testing, Web Software, Reliability, Efficiency, Software Engineering