Volume 10, Number 1

Applying Continuous Integration for Increasing the Maintenance Quality and Efficiency of Web App


Sen-Tarng Lai, Shih Chien University, Taiwan


In order to project resource management and time control, software system needs to be decomposed into subsystems, functional modules and basis components. Finally, all tested components have to integrate to be the complete system. Applying IID (Iterative Incremental Development) mechanism, agile development model becomes the practical method to reduce software project failure rate. Continuous integration (CI) is an IID implementation concept which can effectively reduce software development risk. Web app with high change characteristic is suitable to use agile development model as the development and maintenance methodology. The paper depth surveys CI operating environment and advantages. Introducing CI concept can make up the moving target problems to impact of Web app. For this, the paper proposes a Continuous Integration based Web Applications Maintenance Procedure (CIWAMP) to assist the system integration operating. Based on CI characteristics, CIWAMP makes Web app can be deployed quickly, increase stakeholder communication frequency, improve staff morale, and effectively reduce Web app maintenance quality and efficiency.


Continuous Integration, agile process, Web app, integration test, maintenance quality and efficiency