Volume 10, Number 1

Agile Project Management in Non-Software Sectors During Turbulent Times


Nabeel T. Alsohybe1 and Nashwan Sabrah2, 1Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen and 2Lebanese International University, Sana’a, Yemen


Scholars have viewed Agile Project Management APM as a prominent solution for software and nonsoftware innovative institutions to cope with its unstable environment. APM has been tested in the software field and proven to be successful. Since 2015, there is ongoing war in Yemen that negatively affects most sectors including the business and microfinance sectors. Social Fund for Development SFD, the microfinance industry leader in Yemen, sought solutions for enhancing the Microfinance Institutions MFIs capabilities during the current environment turbulence. This research investigates any possible advantages in adopting APM in the microfinance sector, out of software domain. A qualitative method was used to conduct the research. three microfinance pioneers were selected and 11 professionals from all management levels were interviewed. In addition, three workshop discussions with 22 members of product development teams were held. The study found that adopting APM would help these MFIs to enhance their resilience by bridging the identified gaps and challenges.


Agile Project Management, Traditional Project Management, Product development, Social Fund for Development, New Product Development