Volume 10, Number 2

Mobile Application Development Methodologies Adopted in Omani Market: A Comparative Study


Serein Al-Ratrout1, Omar Husain Tarawneh1, Moath HusniAltarawneh2 and Mejhem Yosef Altarawneh2 ,
1Al zahra College for Women, Oman and 2The World Islamic Sciences and Education University, Jordan


Popularity of mobile phones and huge growing for mobile applications make developers in need for flexible software process, which can deal with many challenges facing the mobile app development process. These challenges include: volatility of requirements, strong user involvement, development time tightness, process simplicity, and production of valuable software in low cost. This research study investigates the current mobile app development approaches adopted in Omani market and provides a comparison between existing methods. The results reveal that Agile approach is the most popular model for mobile software engineering in Omani, as it naturally fits most of the applications required in this market. The study also discusses various agile process models such as Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM, and others. It is concluded that XP model is the most preferable model used by Omani developers due to its dynamic and adaptive nature for different mobile app processes. The study provides also a series of recommendations for mobile app developers which should help in selecting the most appropriate method that suits the targeted market sector


Development approach, Mobile application, Agile, XP, survey, Oman