Volume 10, Number 2

Size Metrics for Service-Oriented Architecture


Samson Wanjala Munialo1, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha2 and Kelvin Kabeti Omieno3, 1Meru University of Science and technology, Kenya, 2Murang’a University, Kenya and 3Kaimosi Friends University College, Kenya


Determining the size, effort and cost of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) systems is important to facilitate project planning and eventually successful implementation of a software project. SOA approach is one of the recent software architectures that allow integration of applications within and outside the organization regardless of heterogeneous technology over a distributed network. A number of research studies have been done to measure SOA size.However, these studies are not based on software metrics rendering them to be ineffective in their estimation. This study defined a set of SOA size metrics based on Unified Modelling Language (UML). The study employed Briand’s theoretical validation to test the validity of the designed SOA size metrics. Findings from this study will provide metrics to measure SOA size more accurately and form a basis for future software engineering researchers to develop more effective and more accurate size metrics and effort estimation methods.


Service-oriented Architecture, Web services, software metrics, Unified Modelling Language, effort estimation.