Volume 10, Number 3

Broke-Implement Agile Method of Mobile App Development


Leena Bhatia1 and Bindu Jain2, 1S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. College, India and 2University of Rajasthan, India


The mobile application market has been expanding very rapidly. For successful mobile app development and ensuring app’s visibility, one needs to follow a systematic approach. Currently, all the models are based on two methodologies of mobile app development i.e. Waterfall methodology and Agile Methodology. In agile methodology, the different phases of app development cycle take place in parallel, with a defined pipeline of expected features and requirements. While there are many advantages of parallel development of various modules under the agile theory, the development is fraught with certain challenges. In a case a previous module doesn’t perform as expected, the entire undertaking may be subject to failure. Keeping this weakness in mind, this paper is presenting an idea of broke-implement agile method. This method is especially beneficial from a user’s point of view as it provides them the opportunity to customize the app while development is underway. Thus, it helps make the user comfortable and ensure he/ she is satisfied with the product. Moreover, this method helps user choose only the relevant features thereby translating into cost and time savings


Broke-implement, Agile, Waterfall, Google Wave