Volume 10, Number 5

Best Practices for Improving User Interface Design


Pradip Peter Dey, Bhaskar Raj Sinha, Mohammad Amin, Hassan Badkoobehi, Department of Engineering and Computing National University, USA


A rich and effective computational system must have a friendly user interface with appealing usability features that provides excellent user experience. In order to develop interactive systems with the best user experience, an innovative iterative approach to user interface engineering is required because it is one of the most challenging areas given the diversity of knowledge, ideas, skills and creativity needed for building smart interfaces in order to succeed in today’s rapidly paced and tough, competitive marketplace. Many modeling aspects including analytical, intuitive, artistic, technical, graphical, mathematical, psychological and programming models need to be considered in the development process of an effective user interface. This research examines some of the past practices and recommends a set of guidelines for designing effective user interfaces. It also demonstrates how UML use case diagrams can be enhanced by relating user interface elements to use cases.


Design principles, Unified Modeling Language (UML), use case diagram, user experience