Volume 11, Number 1

Proposing Automated Regression Suite Using Open Source Tools for A Health Care Solution


Anjali Rawat and Shahid Ali, AGI Institute, New Zealand


Regression testing is very important for the delivery of high quality product. It helps to simulate a suite of critical test cases periodically and helps to identify if introduction of any new features or any source code change has adversely affected the software quality or functionality. As a result, regression testing cannot be ignored from the software testing life cycle (STLC). But just doing a regression testing cannot be beneficial until it is accompanied by automation testing. Automated regression suite not only saves time and cost by re-running test scripts again and again but it also provide the confidence that all the critical test cases has been covered, providing more confidence in the quality of the product and increasing the ability to meet schedules. IT has an ability to explore the whole software every day without requiring much of manual effort. Current software is going through continuous development which requires testing again and again to check if new feature implementation has affected the existing functionality. In addition to this, it is facing issue in validation of the installation at client site and requires availability of testers to check the critical functionality of the software manually. This paper came up with the solution of creating automated regression suite for the software. The current research will provide guidelines to the future researchers on how to create an automated regression suite for any web application using open source tools.


Automation testing, Regression testing, Visual Studio, C#, Selenium Webdriver, Agile- Scrum Methodology, Health care solution, Visual SVN, Trello