Volume 11, Number 1

An Application of Physics Experiments of High School by using Augmented Reality


Hussain Mohammed Abu-Dalbouh, Samah Mohammed AlSulaim, Shaden Abdulaziz AlDera, Shahd Ebrahim Alqaan, Leen Muteb Alharbi and Maha Abdullah AlKeraida, Qassim University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


There has been done little research to validate the utility and usability of virtual and augmented reality environments. The evaluation of usability of these new technologies is very important to design systems that are more intuitive than a traditional method. Such an evaluation is also important for future development of applications that can gain from this new technology. The augmented reality (AR) is a technology that embedded virtual object (video, picture and 3D object) to the user view the real world. The combination of AR technology with the educational content creates new type of automated applications and acts to enhance the effectiveness and attractiveness of teaching and learning for students in real life scenarios. The study aims to improve the teaching methods used in secondary school by employing modern educational technology and thus assess the effectiveness of AR apps in teaching students the physics experiments. Therefore, in this study we took the challenge of adapting this technology to facilitate physics subject in secondary school.


Augmented Reality, Physics, Education, System, Students, Teachers, Technology, Mobile, Lab, Virtual Reality