Volume 11, Number 3

How (UN) Happiness Impacts on Software Engineers in Agile Teams?


Luís Felipe Amorim, Marcelo Marinho and Suzana Sampaio, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), Brazil


Information technology (IT) organizations are increasing the use of agile practices, which are based on a people-centred culture alongside the software development process. Thus, it is vital to understand the social and human factors of the individuals working in agile environments, such as happiness and unhappiness and how these factors impact this kind of environment. Therefore, five case-studies were developed inside agile projects, in a company that values innovation, aiming to identify how (un)happiness impacts software engineers in agile environments. According to the answers gathered from 67 participants through a survey, interviews and using a cross-analysis, happiness factors identified by agile teams were effective communication, motivated members, collaboration among members, proactive members, and present leaders.


Software Development, Human Factors, Agile Projects, Agile Environment, Happiness, Unhappiness.