Volume 11, Number 3

The Proposed Implementation of RFID based Attendance System


Rizwan Qureshi, King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia


Recent trends in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) embrace several smartphone applications in a variety of educational and industrial domains in the last several years. This research focuses to solve one of the promising problems of an educational domain to take attendance smartly using the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Current attendance system in King Abdul-Aziz University (KAU) Saudi Arabia is partly solving the attendance problem. There are several problems in the existing attendance systems such as time-consuming, the chance of mistakes, truancy issues, no contact with parent/guardian and not efficient because of roll call as taking manual attendance. The proposed RFID based attendance system will provide robust, secure and automatic attendance. The proposed system will use modern technology and support to institutions and parents to deal with most of the problems of existing attendance systems. There are several other benefits of RFID based system such as web-based and mobile interfaces, daily absent report, an automatic SMS alert to parent/guardian, reduce administrative work, improve the ratio of attendance, economical and highly efficient. The case study method will be used as a research design. The proposed system is developed and tested in KAU Saudi Arabia. The proposed system will have both web and mobile interfaces. The web interface will need the Internet to access the proposed system and the mobile interface will use the Android platform for the testing scenarios. The user will access the system to generate customized reports to review the status of students for a particular course. It is anticipated that the proposed system will significantly improve students’ monitoring mechanisms hence enabling both parents and teachers in making appropriate decisions.


Radio frequency identification, case study, smart attendance system, educational domain, Scrum methodology.