Volume 11, Number 5

Iterative and Incremental Development Analysis Study of Vocational Career Information Systems


Isyaku Maigari Ibrahim, Ogwueleka Francisca Nonyelum and Isah Rambo Saidu, Nigerian Defense Academy, Nigeria


Software development process presents various types of models with their corresponding phases required to be accordingly followed in delivery of quality products and projects. Despite the various expertise and skills of systems analysts, designers, and programmers, systems failure is inevitable when a suitable development process model is not followed. This paper focuses on the Iterative and Incremental Development (IID)model and justified its role in the analysis and design software systems. The paper adopted the qualitative research approach that justified and harnessed the relevance of IID in the context of systems analysis and design using the Vocational Career Information System (VCIS) as a case study. The paper viewed the IID as a change-driven software development process model. The results showed some system specification, functional specification of system and design specifications that can be used in implementing the VCIS using the IID model. Thus, the paper concluded that in systems analysis and design, it is imperative to consider a suitable development process that reflects the engineering mind-set, with heavy emphasis on good analysis and design for quality assurance.


Iterative, incremental development, vocational carrier, system development process.