Volume 11, Number 5

MASRML - A Domain-specific Modeling Language for Multi-agent Systems Requirements


Gilleanes Thorwald Araujo Guedes1, Iderli Pereira de Souza Filho1, Lukas Filipe Gaedicke1, Giovane D’Ávila Mendonça1, Rosa Maria Vicari2 and Carlos Brusius2, 1Pampa Federal University, Brazil, 2Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


MASRML – Multi-Agent Systems Requirements Modeling Language – is a UML-based Domain-Specific Modeling Language conceived for the requirements modeling in multiagent system projects. Along this work the extended metamodel developed to support the language is described and the applicability of this DSML in the requirements identification of a multi-agent system is demonstrated using the new mechanisms produced to model specific functional requirements for this kind of system. This work also includes how the DSML was validated and the impressions collected during the validations.


UML, Metamodels, Stereotypes, Requirements Engineering, Multi-Agent Systems, Agent Roles, AgentRoleActors, InternalUseCases.