Volume 11, Number 6

Stated Preference Data & Alogit


Mina Hassanvand, University of Calgary, Canada


Stated Preference (SP) surveys are a form of experimental surveys in which the respondent states his/her preferences towards to an alternative out of a set of alternatives that they are presented with. The process of analysing the data collected and estimating the utility of the alternatives under investigation found through such surveys, depending on the nature of the survey design and its underlying details, can be time consuming and cumbersome. If the data is to be studied using logit models, the ALOGIT software can be used which is a powerful tool used for utility maximization and estimations of a SP survey data set. The software requires development and use of a special and often quite lengthy code. This paper presents the reader with a specific yet immensely useful computer program to be used in ALOGIT for estimations when working with SP data and logit models involving ranking and rating of alternatives.


ALOGIT Code, State Preference Data, Logit Models, Utility Maximization.