Volume 12, Number 2/3

A Holistic Self-Adaptive Software Model


Shatha Alfar and Said Ghoul, Research Laboratory on Bio-inspired Software Engineering Philadelphia University, Jordan


The recent self-adaptive software systematic literature reviews stated clearly the following insufficiencies: (1) the need for a holistic self-adaptive software model to integrate its different aspects (2) The limitation of adaptations to context changes (3) The absence of a general and complete adaptations’ picture allowing its understandability, maintainability, evaluation, reuse, and variability. (4) The need for an explicit and a detailed link with resources, and (5) a usual limitation to known events. In order to metigate these insufficiencies, this paper is proposing a holistic model that integrates the operating, adaptations, and adaptations’ manager aspects. The proposed model covers all possible adaptations: operating (dealing with software functions failures), lifecycle (handling adaptations required by some software lifecycle steps), and context (facing context changes events). The presented work introduces the concept of software adaptations process integrating the specifications of all the above kind of adaptations. In fact, this work shows an explicit trace to its pure bio-inspired origin. An application of the proposed approach on a “car industry case study” demonstrated its feasibility in comparison with similar works that proved its meaningful added value and its promising research perspectives.


Self-adaptive software, bio-inspired approach, adaptation events, immune system.