Volume 12, Number 2/3

Modeling and Verification of ERP Functional Requirements based on Colored Petri Net


Nafisa Osman and Abd-Elkader Sahraoui, Sudan University of science and technology, Sudan & LAAS-CNRS, France Université de Toulouse, France


The rise of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems has been a major event in the software industry and it became a solution for most enterprises to manage their data and business processes. Successful ERP implementations can reduce costs by improving efficiency then lead to improved company performance and better competitive edge. Despite these benefits and the age of ERP existing for several decades still high percentage of implementation failures are documented. ERP is packaged software designed by following the best practice from the specific industry to support typical business processes in the entire industrial field, it was designed by ERP vendors and used by the organization which implement it. Since the designer and user are two independent entity misalignments between user’s needs and the software design are often happen. The misalignment define new specific requirements must be embedded into selected ERP.

Requirement engineering (RE) is a main part and initial activity of software engineering concern about defines stakeholder requirements, needs and desire. Requirements engineering is the basis for efficient software implementation and quality management. Tools and theories which support RE in general are numerous nowadays; however, the task of providing a tools and theories that specializes in Requirements engineering for Enterprise resource planning systems has been addressed rarely. For that; this paper discusses modelling and verification of ERP functional requirements based on colored Petri nets (CPN) after evaluation of different Business process modelling techniques by using analytical hierarchy process (AHP). CPN considered one of powerful business process modelling techniques and using it help in stakeholder involvement and appropriate organization’s business process representation. The nature of colored Petri nets that help in verification of internal completeness and consistency of ERP functional requirements model.


Requirements engineering, enterprise resource planning, requirements modelling, colored Petri nets, requirements verification, business process modelling.