Volume 12, Number 2/3

Predefined Project Scope Changes and its Causes for Project Success


Theyab Althiyabi and Rizwan Qureshi, King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia


In project management, the project scope is the base of significant project planning processes such as estimating the cost, schedule and building work breakdown structure. Poor project scope definition directly affects project cost and schedule. Accordingly, dealing with unrealistic scope definition of cost and schedule may lead to failing a project. Besides, changes in project scope have a negative and positive impact on project success. This paper aims to predefine the potential scope changes to keep the project scope on track and identify any weakness in scope definition at the early stages of a project. Enhancing project scope quality has a massive impact on the success of a project and it adds more control over project scope. A method is proposed to improve the quality of project scope and increase the efficiency of controlling scope changes. The proposed method will help to avoid scope creeping by defining a clear statement of work, increase the learning opportunities of the development team to optimize its processes, reducing the communication gap between the clients and development team and screen adjustments of new tasks. The proposed method is validated using a survey and the results are found encouraging.


Change Management, Project Scope Changes, Project Management, Scoop Creep, Survey Validation.