Volume 13, Number 3

Devops Adoption in Information Systems Projects; A Systematic Literature Review


J. A. V. M. K. Jayakody1, 2 and W. M. J. I. Wijayanayake2, 1Faculty of Applied Sciences Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka, 2University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


The word DevOps derives from two different words Development and Operations. DevOps has recorded as an interesting and novel approach adopted to the commonly used Agile software development methodology. It raised agility of the software development process. Practical issues of Agile methodology emphasize the requirement for collaboration of software development and operating teams. This collaboration completed by the DevOps approach engages with the Agile methodology to improve the quality, performance, and speed of the software developments. Since DevOps is an accentuating approach in the software development industry, this research aimed to conduct a literature review to study the evolution of the DevOps approach and its adoption in information systems projects. This target has accomplished by reviewing the Agile methodology, issues of the Agile methodology, DevOps approach, challenges and overcoming strategies of DevOps, and success factors of the DevOps approach. Finally, the paper provides better acquaintance about the DevOps adoption in Information System projects developments.


Agile, DevOps, DevOps Challenges, DevOps Overcoming Strategies, DevOps Success Factors.