Volume 13, Number 4

Smart ULT Management for Ultra-Large-Scale Software


Ning Luo and Linlin Zhang, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd, China


The importance of development ULT (unit level test) is of no doubt today. But deployment of ULT in ultralarge-scale software till sufficient coverage requires big development effort while it could be hard for developers to precisely identify the error prone logics deserving the best test coverage. In this paper, we propose one novel Smart ULT Management system or automatic ULT deployment on ultra-large-scale software which can provide the test coverage recommendation, and automatically generate >80% ULT code. It helps us greatly shrink the average ULT code development effort from ~24 Man hours to ~3 Man hours per 1000 Lines of driver under test. We hope the experience shared can help more practitioners to apply the similar methodology.


Unit level test, error prone logic, test coverage inference, automatic ULT generation, fuzzing, condition/decision coverage.