Volume 13, Number 5

DOOML: A New Database & Object-Oriented Modeling Language for Database-Driven
Web Application Design and Development


Thijs Otter, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands


A database driven web application is a very common software solution to rising business problems. Modeling the database and the software architecture can be challenging, hence there not being one combined modeling language for database and software architecture, specifically suited for web application development. In this paper we present Database object-oriented Modeling Language (DooML) and its primary Archetype Diagram: a notation for specifying the design of a database schema and corresponding object-oriented software architecture. It combines the syntax for drawing Entity Relationship Diagrams, the Relational Model and Universal Modeling Language Class Diagrams as well to create a mixed diagram, stating database design as well as software design specifications. By default, DooML ensures that the approach of advanced web application development is model-driven and both database-oriented as well as object-oriented.


modeling language, object-oriented modeling, database modeling, object-oriented database modeling, archetype diagram, software modelling.