Volume 13, Number 6

From the Art of Software Testing to Test-as-a-Service in Cloud Computing


Janete Amaral, Alberto S. Lima, José Neuman de Souza, Lincoln S. Rocha, MDCC, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza/CE – Brasil


Researchers consider that the first edition of the book "The Art of Software Testing" by Myers (1979) initiated research in Software Testing. Since then, software testing has gone through evolutions that have driven standards and tools. This evolution has accompanied the complexity and variety of software deployment platforms. The migration to the cloud allowed benefits such as scalability, agility, and better return on investment. Cloud computing requires more significant involvement in software testing to ensure that services work as expected. In addition to testing cloud applications, cloud computing has paved the way for testing in the Test-as-a-Service model. This review aims to understand software testing in the context of cloud computing. Based on the knowledge explained here, we sought to linearize the evolution of software testing, characterizing fundamental points and allowing us to compose a synthesis of the body of knowledge in software testing, expanded by the cloud computing paradigm.


Cloud Computing; Software Testing; Test-as-a-Service.