Volume 13, Number 6

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Automation of Digital Health System


Mehmood Ali Mohammed1, Murtuza Ali Mohammed2 and Vazeer Ali Mohammed2, 1University of the Cumberlands, USA, 2Lewis University, USA


Automating digital systems in healthcare plays a significant role in transforming the quality-of-care services delivered to patients across the board. This role is anticipated to be accomplished by the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare which has the potential to impact the provision of healthcare services. This paper sought to investigate the impact of adopting and implementing artificial intelligence on the automation of digital health systems within the different levels of healthcare. The general objective of the research study was to investigate the impact of artificial intelligence in the automation of digital health systems. The specific goals were to understand the concept of artificial intelligence and how it automates digital strategies, to determine the AI systems that have been developed and implemented in the healthcare systems, to establish the factors that influence the adoption of AI in healthcare, and to find out the outcomes of implementing AI in digital health systems. The research employed the descriptive research design. The study population included healthcare workers, policymakers, IT specialists, and management teams in the healthcare sector in the State of Kentucky. The sampling technique for the study was the purposive sampling technique. The study collected data using semi-structured interviews administered through Google Teams and Zoom. Data analysis was analyzed using the computer-assisted software for analyzing qualitative data, NVivo. The findings were that AI as a technological concept has the potential to impact the automation of digital health systems and is key to automating health services such as the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and management of claims and payments. The study recommended that policy supports the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare, thus enabling the automation of several healthcare services and thus improving the delivery of care.


Quantitative Data, Digital Health, Automation, Healthcare Services, NVivo, Data Analytics.