Volume 14, Number 1

Education, Migration and Sustainability-Human Socioeconomic Development and Changing Technological Trends


Pawankumar Sharma University of the Cumberlands, KY USA


Technological innovations earmark the trends witnessed today, driving various economic statuses. The current trends driving the education, migration, and sustainability of the human population include; cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Artificial intelligence uses the data collected to predict future patterns in economic and climatic conditions, influencing migration as witnessed in Africa. The blockchain, as innovated, aims to establish a decentralized and stable financial economy in the current economy. Cybersecurity has arisen t curb the increased cyberattacks experienced in modern society hence the need for public education to curb the cases. The current trends depend on the various technological innovation driven by machine learning and algorithms.


Education, Sustainability, Socioeconomic Development, Technology Trends, AI, Blockchain.