Volume 14, Number 1

Adventure and Quiz Learning Game Based on a Virtual Tour of a Video Game Museum


Mark Muhhin, Daniel Nael, Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel, Ulrich Norbisrath, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia


With the digital age influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, more education and communication has moved to online environments. This may limit the amount of impactful experience necessary for successful learning. In this paper, we describe the design of an educational game implemented for an online course on video game history. The learning game we developed takes place inside a virtual tour made from a realworld video game history museum. Thus, we first analyze the context of an educational experience a real museum provides. The designed game mainly mimics multiple-choice tests from the course. Based on these, we performed a study in the pilot run of the course, in which participants solved the tests and played the game in two groups. The course participants filled out two questionnaires for self-assessing their motivation and giving qualitative feedback on both the tests and the game. In this paper, we provide the results collected for the time it takes to complete, the received score, estimated motivation, and a qualitative feedback analysis regarding doing the tests versus playing the created learning game.


Learning game, serious game, museum experience, virtual tour, online course.