Volume 14, Number 5

Agile, User-Centered Design and Quality in Software Processes for Mobile Application Development Teaching


Manuel Ignacio Castillo López, Ana Libia Eslava Cervantes, Gustavo de la Cruz Martínez and Jorge Luis Ortega Arjona, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico


Agile methods in undergraduate courses have been explored in an effort to close the gap between industry and professional profiles. We have structured an Android application development course based on a tailored user-centered Agile process for development of educational digital tools. This process is based on Scrum and Extreme Programming in combination with User Experience (UX) approaches. The course is executed in two phases: the first half of the semester presents theory on Agile and mobile applications development, the latter half is managed as a workshop where students develop for an actual client. The introduction of UX and user-centered design exploiting the close relationship with stakeholders expected from Agile processes allows for different quality features development. Since 2019 two of the projects have been extended and one project has been developed with the described process and course alumni. Students and stakeholders have found value in the generated products and process.


Agile development, User-Centered Design, User Experience, Software development, Undergraduate teaching