Volume 14, Number 5

Analyzing Aircraft Landing Decision Making Through Fuzzy Logic Approach: A Comparative Study


Sarah A. Ibrahim, Khirallah s. Elfarjani, Mrwan BenIdris, University of Benghazi, Libya


Due to the importance of weather in people's lives, various groups have advocated for accurate climate information. However, weather predictions can often be unclear or ambiguous. Weather advice and information are crucial in determining the safety of landing an aircraft in aviation. To address this, Mamdani Fuzzy Logic will be used to compare two scenarios: one with three inputs (wind direction, wind speed, and visibility) and another that includes the pilot's experience to assess its impact on the landing process. A fuzzy logic-based intelligent system generates three decisions: feasible, careful, and not feasible for landing an aircraft on a runway. The difference rate between the two experiments was 68%, indicating that the pilot's experience played a significant role and forced its importance in the results.


Mamdani Fuzzy Logic; decision making; prediction; airplane; landing; Pilot experience Weather.