Volume 9, Number 6

A Formal Method for Mapping Software Engineering Practices to Essence


Murat Pasa Uysal, Başkent University, Turkey


Essence Framework (EF) aims at addressing the core problems of software engineering (SE) and its practices. As a relatively new framework, one important issue for EF has been mapping software practices to its conceptual domain. Although there are several works describing systematic procedures, a review of literature cannot suggest a study using a formal method. The study is conducted according to the guidelines of Design Science Research (DSR) Method. The research contribution is classified as an “application of a new solution (the formal method) to a new problem (mapping software practices to EF). The formal method employs an algorithm based on Concept Algebra and it is applied in a Scrum case study. The results are promising and they differ from the ones exist in the current EF related literature.


Software Engineering Practice, Essence Framework, Formal Method, Concept Algebra