Volume 9, Number 6

Securing Software Development Stages Using Aspect-Orientation Concepts


Aws A. Magableh and Anas M. R. AlSobeh, Yarmouk University, Jordan


In the past 10 years, the research community has produced a significant number of design notations to represent security properties and concepts in a design artifact. The need to improve the security of software has become a key issue for developers.The security function needs to be incorporated into the software development process at the requirement, analysis, design, and implementation stages as doing so may help to smooth integration and to protect systems from attack. Security affects all aspects ofa software program, which makes the incorporation of security features a crosscutting concern. Therefore, this paper looks at the feasibility and potential advantages of employing an aspect orientation approach in the software development lifecycle to ensure efficient integration of security.These notations are aimed at documenting and analyzing security in a software design model. It also proposes a model called the Aspect-Oriented Software Security Development Life Cycle (AOSSDLC), which covers arrange of security activities and deliverables for each development stage. It is concluded that aspect orientation is one of the best options available for installing security features not least because of the benefit that no changes need to be made to the existing software structure.


Aspect Orientation, AO, Aspect-Oriented Programming, AOP, SSDL,Software Security Development Life Cycle, Security, Notation, Software Design.