Volume 11, Number 3

Technical Analysis on the Cyber Organizational Criminology of Dictatorial Military Conducts -- Experience from Human Trafficking and Coercions by Military Cyber Aggressions


Yang Pachankis, Universal Life Church, USA


The reformulated paper after the proceeding of the NCWMC 2022 recovers some previous manuscripts intercepted by the PLA of PRC for covert military operations with intrusions in global investment and financial systems. The crimes are analytically conducted through cloud servers and I/O for intelligence gathering. The information contained in the manuscripts with THEIR informatics not only could have led to further economic-financial surrogation of the PLA in American economy with investments, but also threats American national security through ontological calculation frameworks with artificial intelligence and further calculative power assertions - apart from the threats of outer space peace and security. It can be the reason behind the black hole and white hole observational results with the signal-satelliteinformation approach to general relativity manuscripts. A preliminary conception for defense strategy is proposed with previous insights and post facto security breaches to USA Space Command directly and national security conductively.


Space Command, National Security, Human Trafficking, Military Intelligence, Black Hole Information.