Volume 9, Number 1/2

Voice Biometric Identity Authentication Model for IoT Devices


Salahaldeen Duraibi1, Frederick T. Sheldon2 and Wasim Alhamdani3, 1University of Idaho Moscow, USA & Jazan University, KSA, 2University of Idaho, USA and 3University of the Cumberlands, USA


Behavioral biometric authentication is considered as a promising approach to securing the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem. In this paper, we investigated the need and suitability of employing voice recognition systems in the user authentication of the IoT. Tools and techniques used in accomplishing voice recognition systems are reviewed, and their appropriateness to the IoT environment are discussed. In the end, a voice recognition system is proposed for IoT ecosystem user authentication. The proposed system has two phases. The first being the enrollment phase consisting of a pre-processing step where the noise is removed from the voice for the enrollment process, the feature extraction step where feature traits are extracted from user’s voice, and the model training step where the voice model is trained for the IoT user. And the second being the phase verifies whether the identity claimer is the owner of the IoT device. Based on the resources limitedness of the IoT technologies, the suitability of text-dependent voice recognition systems is promoted. Likewise, the use of MFCC features is considered in the proposed system.


Internet of Things, Authentication, Access control, Biometric, Voice recognition, Security, Cybersecurity