Volume 12, Number 3

A Framework for Building a Multilingual Industrial Ontology: Methodology and a Case Study for Building Smartphone English-Arabic Ontology


Amany K. Alnahdi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


As Web 3.0 is blooming, ontologies augment semantic Web with semi–structured knowledge. Industrial ontologies can help in improving online commercial communication and marketing. In addition, conceptualizing the enterprise knowledge can improve information retrieval for industrial applications. Having ontologies combine multiple languages can help in delivering the knowledge to a broad sector of Internet users. In addition, multi-lingual ontologies can also help in commercial transactions. This research paper provides a framework model for building industrial multilingual ontologies which include Corpus Determination, Filtering, Analysis, Ontology Building, and Ontology Evaluation. It also addresses factors to be considered when modeling multilingual ontologies. A case study for building a bilingual English-Arabic ontology for smart phones is presented. The ontology was illustrated using an ontology editor and visualization tool. The built ontology consists of 67 classes and 18 instances presented in both Arabic and English. In addition, applications for using the ontology are presented. Future research directions for the built industrial ontology are presented.


Ontology, Semantic Web, Computational Linguistics, Industrial Ontologies.