Volume 13, Number 1

An Intersemiotic Translation of Normative Utterances to Machine Language


Andrea Addis1 and Olimpia Giuliana Loddo2, 1Infora, viale Elmas, Cagliari, Italy, 2University of Cagliari, Italy


Programming Languages (PL) effectively performs an intersemiotic translation from a natural language to machine language. PL comprises a set of instructions to implement algorithms, i.e., to perform (computational) tasks. Similarly to Normative Languages (NoL), PLs are formal languages that can perform both regulative and constitutive functions. The paper presents the first results of interdisciplinary research aimed at highlighting the similarities between NoL (social sciences) and PL (computer science) through everyday life examples, exploiting Object-Oriented Programming Language tools and an Internet of Things (IoT) system as a case study. Given the pandemic emergency, the urge to move part of our social life to the digital world arose, together with the need to effectively transpose regulative rules and constitutive rules through different strategies for translating a normative utterance expressed in natural language.


Programming languages, Normative languages, Constitutive rules, Regulative rules.