Volume 13, Number 3

Covid-19 Vaccination Classification of Opinion Mining with Semantic Knowledge-based Decision Making


Nikhila Polkampally, D. Rakesh Kumar, G. Soma Sekhar and Mettu Karuna Sri Reddy, Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, India


The Covid-19 ontology is to classify the data using a supervised learning approach in machine learning, which has been preprocessed. Afterthe classification is done, with thehelp of opinion mining with decisionmaking, the classified data is stored in the database using semantic webontology using the protégé tool. The data will be retrieved through SPARQL which helps to retrieve complex queries, followed by the output based on the given query. This Covid-19 ontology helps in analyzing the risk factors and treatment plans for the respective individuals i.e., students based on their given details which include diagnosis, symptoms, and vaccination history. The information given by the students can be automatically processed and with the help of SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language), the risk factor and treatment plans for the students are inferred from the given knowledge.


Covid-19, SPARQL, Semantic Web, SWRL, Ontology.