Volume 15, Number 1

Advancing Web Development - Enhancing Component-Based Software Engineering and Design Systems
Through HTML5 Customized Built-in Elements


Hardik Shah, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


The evolution of web development has been significantly influenced by the introduction of HTML5 Web Components, particularly customized built-in elements. This paper explores the transformative impact of these elements on Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) and Design Systems. Customized builtin elements, as an integral part of the Web Components standard, offer unparalleled flexibility and functionality, enabling developers to create bespoke HTML elements that encapsulate specific behaviors and styles. This adaptability is pivotal for CBSE, facilitating the modularization of complex applications into more manageable components. This research delves into how customized built-in elements enhance Design Systems, ensuring visual consistency and superior user experience across digital applications. By adapting these elements to align with an application's design language and brand identity, a seamless and visually cohesive interface is achieved. The paper also examines the cross-browser compatibility, performance optimization, and security considerations associated with implementing these elements, emphasizing their critical role in efficient web application integration. Furthermore, the paper highlights the significance of these elements in contemporary web development scenarios, including Internet of Things (IoT) applications, e-commerce platforms, and educational technologies. The interaction of these components with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is also explored, showcasing potential improvements in web experiences. In conclusion, the paper underscores the necessity of addressing challenges such as browser standardization and developer tooling to fully realize the potential of HTML5 customized built-in elements. The discussion concludes with an outlook on the future of these elements, projecting their continuing influence in advancing the field of web development.


Customized built-in elements, HTML5 Web Components, Component Based Software Engineering, Design Systems, Web UI development