Volume 11, Number 2

Position Estimation of Autonomous Underwater Sensors Using the Virtual Long Baseline Method


Alexander Dikarev, Stanislav Dmitriev, Vitaliy Kubkin and Andrey Vasilenko, Underwater communication & navigation laboratory, LLC, Russia


This article contains a description of a mathematical model of an acoustic system for positioning autonomous underwater sensors using the virtual long base method, which can be used during the vessel’s collection of information over the deployed underwater network of autonomous sensors (underwater wireless sensors network), during the initial determination of the geographical position of the bottom long baseline elements or search, including cooperative, with the use of a swarm of autonomous surface vehicles (UASV) of emergency submerged objects equipped with an emergency beacon (for example, aircraft and ships); The article provides a scheme of an experimental set of equipment, as well as a description of the conducted field experiments and their results.


Underwater positioning system, VLBL, underwater wireless sensor network, emergency beacon positioning