Volume 11, Number 2

Width Feeding Stripline Optimise of Curved Microstripline Array Varians Antenna in Multiband Frequency for Radar Communications


Putu Artawan1, Josaphat T. Sri Sumantyo2, Mashuri1 and Yono Hadi Pramono1, 1Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember(ITS), Indonesia and 2Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS) Chiba University, Japan


This study proposed to design of curved microstripline array antenna with more optimal characteristics parametric through optimise in width feeding stripline and its application for radar communications. Numeric analysis with an empirical formula in curved microstripline array antenna supports the counting in relation to the characteristics antenna that is optimally applied in communications. The simulations was created by using CST software. The result of simulation is to indicate Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Reflection coefficient, Return Loss and Gain with Vertical Linear Polarization. The optimise of curved microstripline array varians with the varians array and optimise varians in width of the feeding stripline. Based on this simulated result, curved microstripline array varians antenna is potential to developed antenna in radar communication in multiband frequency


Simulation, Curved Microstripline, Multi Band Frequency, Radar Communication