Volume 11, Number 3

Simulation and Verification two YAGI-UDI and S-Band Satellite Dish Ground Station Antennas
for LEO Nanosatellites Communications


Vahid Rastinasab and Victor Hu, BIT, China


Ground station antennas are a part of TTC system, generally, Yagi-Udi antennas and Parabola dish antenna are using in Earth segment to communicate with LEO small satellites, this paper uniquely presents the three huge antennas of a ground station which are communicating with some microsatellites with view window above Beijing, China. The ground station contains two Yagi-Udi antennas for VHF/UHF and an S-band dish antenna for reception of payloads data. For verification feasibility of the antennas, simulations have been accomplished according to the antennas requirements. Eventually, the simulations assisted to recognize the matched commercial ground station antennas based on comparison of the simulations with commercial antennas and the matched ones are chosen for the implementation on the ground station.


Amateur radio antenna, Telemetry and Tracking, Yagi-Udi antenna, parabolic dish antenna, ground station antennas