Volume 11, Number 4

Study of Array Bi-Conical Antenna for DME Applications


Ouadiaa BARROU1, Abdelkebir EL AMRI1 and Abdelati REHA2, 1Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco and 2Laboratoire d'Innovation en Management et en Ingénierie pour l'Entreprise (LIMIE), ISGA, Morocco


This paper introduces a new configuration of array bi-conical antenna to enhance the gain of an antenna for Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) avionic system. Due to its large size, the antenna can be placed in terrestrials DME stations. The antenna consists of the bi-conical elements placed in a linear configuration. The simulated maximum gain is 10.2dB, the antenna operates in the DME band (960 – 1215 MHz). Al the simulations are performed with CADFEKO a Method of Moments based Solver


DME, Array antennas, Bi-conical Antennas