Volume 12, Number 1

Privacy Preserving Participatory Sensor Network on Named Data Networking Infrastructure


M. Kaosar and X. Yi, RMIT University, Australia


The world of Internet of Things (IoT) and ubiquitous computing lead the computing systems integrate sensors and handheld devices into a common platform to offer new services. Participatory Sensor Network (PSN) is one of such a network which is formed in an ad-hoc basis. The success of such network always depends on the quality of data shared by the participants. Privacy concern is one of the main reasons why an individual may not prefer to share their sensitive data. Not many research works have been performed to preserve the privacy of individual data in a PSN. On the other hand, Named Data Network (NDN), an instance of Information-Centric Network (ICN), is an alternative of TCP/IP that inherently considers the concern of security as opposed to TCP/IP. By default, NDN ensures the privacy of the data consumer but it fails to ensure the same for data provider. In this paper, we propose a ring signature based NDN to ensure the privacy of the data provider. Our proposed solution seems to be effective based on the performance and security analysis.


Named Data Networking, Participatory Sensor Network, Ring Signature, InformationCentric Network