Volume 12, Number 3

Atmospheric Propagation Impairment Effects for Wireless Communications


Sharmin Tajria Ananya1, Md. Shariful Islam1*, Md.Ashek Raihan Mahmud1, Pallab Kanti Podder2 and Md Jashim Uddin1, 1Islamic University, Bangladesh and 2Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh


The prime aspect of this paper is to report the atmospheric impairment effects in wireless communication signalfor different frequencies. Comprehensive tests have been carried out to justify and confront theattenuation impacts of rain, cloud and water vapor oxygen for various wave length channels. The result of the atmospheric impairments is obtained by the parameters which are resembled to the real world measurements. Moreover, the performance is analyzed by the use of different propagation modules and transmission parameters that are frequently used in satellite and radar communications. Experimental resultsindicate that the attenuation effect due to rain has initiated at frequencies above 10 GHz while, other atmospheric effects preceded by attenuation of the cloud and gasses have less effect. It is also observed thatduring frequency transmission, the rate of rainfall and relative humidity become directly proportional to signal quality degradation.


Atmospheric Impairment, Different frequencies wireless communications, Satellite communications, Radar communications.