Volume 12, Number 4

A Node Deployment Model with Variable Transmission Distance for Wireless Sensor Networks


Fan Tiegang and Chen Junmin, Hebei University, China


The deployment of network nodes is essential to ensure the wireless sensor network's regular operation and affects the multiple network performance metrics, such as connectivity, coverage, lifetime, and cost. This paper focuses on the problem of minimizing network costs while meeting network requirements, and proposes a corona-based deployment method by using the variable transmission distance sensor. Based on the analysis of node energy consumption and network cost, an optimization model to minimize Cost Per Unit Area is given. The transmission distances and initial energy of the sensors are obtained by solving the model. The optimization model is improved to ensure the energy consumption balance of nodes in the same corona. Based on these parameters, the process of network node deployment is given. Deploying the network through this method will greatly reduce network costs.


Node Deployment, Optimization Model, Minimize Cost, Transmission Distance.