Volume 12, Number 5/6

Performance Analysis of Spatially Correlated Cylindrical Antenna Array for 3D Massive MIMO


Patrick Danuor1 and Emmanuel Ampoma Affum2, 1Ho Technical University, Ghana, 2Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana


The spectral efficiency of three-dimensional (3D) massive MIMO is impaired due to the spatial correlation (SC) between closed-spaced elements of antenna arrays (AAs). This paper investigates the impacts of arbitrary Q-power variations of the Power Cosine distribution for a precise characterization of the SC. This is done by presenting mathematical expressions characterizing the SC of cylindrical antenna array (CAA) regarding Student's -t, Von Mises and Cosine distributions, for the direction of arrival (DoA) of the electromagnetic waves impinging on the receiving antenna. Unlike the Student's -t and Von Mises distribution, our outcome recorded huge mismatch between theoretical and simulation correlation coefficients for arbitrary Q-power values above ten (10) which also reduced the downlink channel capacity. The practical relevance is that even though higher Q-power values are the key parameters for system performance, meticulous selection of arbitrary Q-power values above ten (10) is essential to minimize errors regarding channel modelling.


Antenna Arrays, Spatial Correlation, Uplink Capacity, Massive MIMO.