Volume 13, Number 1

3D Metallic Plate Lens Antenna based Beamspace Channel Estimation Technique
for 5G Mmwave Massive MIMO Systems


Prosenjit Paul and Md Munjure Mowla, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh


Beamspace channel estimation mechanism for massive MIMO (multiple input multiple output) antenna system presents a major process to compensate the 5G spectrum challenges caused by the proliferation of information from mobile devices. However, this estimation is required to ensure the perfect channel state information (CSI) for lower amount of Radio Frequency (RF) chains for each beam. In addition, phase shifter (PS) components used in this estimation need high power to select the beam in the desired direction. To overcome these limitations, in this work, we propose Regular Scanning Support Detection (RSSD) based channel estimation mechanism. Moreover, we utilise a 3D lens antenna array having metallic plate and a switch in our model which compensates the limitation of phase shifters. Simulation results show that the proposed RSSD based channel estimation surpasses traditional technique and SD based channel estimation even in lower SNR area which is highly desirable in the millimeter wave (mmWave) massive MIMO systems.


5G, Millimeter wave, Massive MIMO, Metallic plate lens antenna array, Beamspace Channel Estimation.