Volume 13, Number 4

A Comprehensive Secure Protocol for All D2D Scenarios


Hoda Nematy, Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Iran


To fulfill two integral aims of abating cellular traffic and enhancing efficiency of cellular network, D2D is considered as a novel channel of communication. This form of communication has introduced for 4th cellular communication and enacts a significant role in the 5th generation. Four D2D communication scenarios defined in the references, includes direct D2D and relaying D2D communication both with and without cellular infrastructure. One of the major challenges addressing D2D protocols contributes to the fact that they have one single secure protocol that can adapt to the four scenarios. In the current study, we propose a secure D2D protocol based on ARIADNE. To authenticate and key agreement between Source and Destination, we employ LTE-A AKA protocol, further for broadcast authentication between relaying nodes TESLA was applied. In Contrary to the recent protocols, our proposed protocol has inconsiderable computation overhead and trivial communication overhead than SODE and preserve many security properties such as Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality, Integrity, Secure Key Agreement, and Secure Routing Transmission. We check Authentication, Confidentiality, Reachability, and Secure Key Agreement of the proposed protocol with ProVerif verification tools.


5th generation, Four D2D scenarios, LTE-A AKA protocol, secure D2D protocol, ProVerif