Volume 13, Number 5

Functional and Harmonious Selforganization of Large Intellectual Agent Ensembles with Smart Hybrid Competencies via Wireless and Mobile Networks


Evgeny Bryndin, Research Center NATURAL INFORMATICS, Russia


Artificial intelligence of large ensembles of intelligent agents in terms of computing power surpasses human intelligence. He is capable of artificial thinking and understanding. Giant ensembles of intellectual agents with artificial consciousness and intelligence are able, for the results set by the person necessary for him, to find solutions for their obtaining on the basis of professional competence and experience accumulation. The professional competence of artificial intelligence is the ability to use technologies, including computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, intelligent decision support, as well as the use of synergistic methods, functional self-organizing methods and utility and preference criteria. For artificial intelligence, the functional organization of the system is important. The functionalism of artificial intelligence does not depend on its carrier, allows many methods of its functional implementation, as well as to form the completeness of its functions. Giant ensembles of intellectual agents with a full set of functions gradually and flexibly form events into solutions or rational behavior to obtain a given necessary result. Intelligent artificial intelligence has psychological, analytical, research, language, professional and behavioral hybrid competencies. Each competence is exercised by an intelligent agent with a competent functional professional manner. Intelligent agents form an ensemble with intelligent ethical artificial intelligence. The article is devoted to functional harmonious selforganization of ensembles of intellectual agents.Functional harmonious self-organization of the interaction of intellectual agents in different environments is carried out via wireless and mobile networks on the basis of data of a specific environment obtained by analytical competent intellectual agents. As result of research, the law of the golden section of the functional harmonious self-organization of ensembles of intellectual agents was revealed. Further research will focus on the effective use of wireless and mobile networks in the practical application of smart agent ensembles.


Intellectual agent ensembles, smart hybrid competencies, functional harmonious self-organization, wireless and mobile networks.