Volume 13, Number 6

Effects of MAC Parameters on the Performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF in NS-3


Abubakar Siddik, Jakia Akter Nitu, Natasha Islam, Anju Ara Hasi, Jannatun Ferdous, Mizanur Rahman and Nahid Sultan, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh


This paper presents the design procedure of the NS-3 script for WLAN that is organized according to the hierarchical manner of TCP/IP model. We configure all layers by using NS-3 model objects and set and modify the values used by objects to investigate the effects of MAC parameters (access mechanism, CWmin, CWmax and retry limit) on the performance metrics viz. packet delivery ratio, packet lost ratio, aggregated throughput, and average delay. The simulation results show that RTS/CTS access mechanism outperforms basic access mechanism in saturated state, whereas the MAC parameters have no significant impact on network performance in non-saturated state. A higher value of CWmin improves the aggregated throughput in expense of average delay. The tradeoff relationships among the performance metrics are also observed in results for the optimal values of MAC parameters. Our design procedure represents a good guideline for new NS-3 users to design and modify script and results greatly benefit the network design and management.


Performance Analysis, IEEE 802.11, MAC Parameters, Design Procedure, NS-3.